We Need Action

The letter below was sent to members of Cuyahoga County Council at 8:08 a.m. on April 24, 2013 in response to the work session meeting on April 23 regarding the project ramifications of removing the skywalk from the new headquarters.


Supporters of the skywalk on Council don’t seem to have their story straight.

Councilwoman Simon and others have said removing the skywalk will only create the appearance of vibrancy at 8:30 a.m. and at the end of the business day when people are forced to cross the street. But then we heard Councilman Germana imply that increased pedestrians crossing the street throughout the day would make it difficult for drivers to come do business with the county. Which is it? Is it the “large sucking sound” that Councilman Schron has alluded to, or are pedestrians blocking traffic throughout the day?

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County Executive Ed FitzGerald was caught perusing Facebook during the majority of a County Council meeting, while his constituents argued against renovating the county skywalk. When asked why his iPad deserved more time than his constituents, what did FitzGerald say?

No comment.”

Our next Governor, Ohio?

Detroit Skywalks Provide Warning For Downtown Cleveland

Doug Nagy, a 26-year-old OurCLE activist, has released a video showcasing the negative impact of Detroit’s county headquarters’ skywalk and Greektown Casino skywalk.

“There are thousands of employees that are getting off work at this hour right at this intersection, but the goofy thing is you’ll see that there’s hardly anybody actually on the sidewalks here.” says Nagy in the video, filmed on a 50-degree afternoon during rush hour in front of Wayne County Government headquarters in Downtown Detroit. “This street corner is almost devoid of people.”

Nagy’s video is a response to the proposed renovation of the Cuyahoga County Council skywalk in Downtown Cleveland and the proposed Horseshoe Casino skywalk. He calls into question the county’s foresight of maintaining the skywalk versus the one-time, cheaper expense of tearing down the skywalk in favor of rebuilding vibrancy in the neighborhood.

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Our nomination to declare the Higbee Building of the Tower City complex a local landmark is on its way to the Cleveland Landmarks Commission. The nomination is enclosed with signatures from both our original Civic Commons petition and current Change.org petition.

Word is that the Commission’s next hearing is on December 13th. We’re hoping to have the opportunity to make our case then. Meantime, we’ll continue collecting signatures at Change.org, and will send the first batch of signatures to Mayor Jackson and Councilman Cimperman once we’ve reached 500. We’ll continue sending updates to our representatives as necessary.

With each and every signature, you’re showing our city leaders that enough is enough. We will not allow them to continue making the same development mistakes that have plagued Cleveland for decades, stunting progress every time a renaissance seems just over the hill. You’re showing them that this is our Cleveland, and we will have a say on how our neighborhoods are developed.

Thank you all for your support.